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PISTON supports the general strike in Argentina

PISTON-General Strike in Argentina

PISTON sends its solidarity to the millions of Argentine workers going on a general strike on May 9, 2024 against the extreme anti-worker economic policies of the Javier Milei government.

The general strike calls for an urgent wage increase, free trade unions, and opposition to the privatization of state enterprises.

Since the Milei government assumed office, inflation in Argentina has soared to over 70%, rendering daily life unaffordable for many working people. The poverty rate has surged from 44.9% at the end of 2023 to 51.8% in the first quarter of 2024. Shockingly, approximately 27 million people in Argentina are considered poor, with 7 million trapped in extreme poverty.

While working people and pensioners have faced severe income cuts, the wealthiest top 1% continue to enjoy generous tax benefits. This stark inequality is unacceptable.

We express our unwavering support for all workers in Argentina who are mobilizing and striking against the neoliberal assaults on their rights. Argentine transport workers, including those operating buses, subways, and trains, actively participate in this collective action by halting operations.

This 2024, humanity grapples with escalating conflicts, widening inequality, and heightened exploitation. Inter-imperialist wars and military maneuvers persist, while anti-immigrant, white supremacist, anti-woman, and anti-LGBTQI campaigns gain momentum.

We must all unite workers globally through organizing them into trade unions and other workers’ associations to win our demands. Let us launch even more mobilizations and organized offensives against the neoliberal and imperialist forces that afflict our world today.

Solidarity is our strength! 🌍🤝✊