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Solidarity with Nestlé-Wyeth workers!

PISTON on Nestle-Wyeth illegal termination

PISTON condemns the illegal termination of 140 Nestlé-Wyeth Philippines’ plant workers in Canlubang, Laguna yesterday. Among those unlawfully terminated are ten union officials.

This is a clear attack by Nestlé-Wyeth Philippines on the livelihood of Filipino workers, who they exploit, especially during an ongoing economic crisis and widespread poverty affecting millions of Filipinos.

Similar to the government’s massacre of the livelihood and franchises of public utility vehicle drivers and operators, the continuous propagation of contractualization and job insecurity by the state, in collusion with capitalists, resulting in widespread job terminations, is also a massacre and destruction of the livelihoods of millions of Filipino workers.

This illegal termination is also a clear attack on the union and the right of workers to organize. The Wyeth Philippines Progressive Workers Union has fought for numerous victories in wage hikes and regularization in their workplace, so any form of attack against the workers is clearly an attack against their union, which has been fighting for their rights against the oppressive schemes and policies of capitalists and the state.