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Stand with Korean truckers! Stop the attacks on striking workers

한국 트럭 운전사들과의 연대합니다

PISTON stands in solidarity with the truck drivers in South Korea led by the Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union (KPTU-TruckSol) as they hold their 10th day on strike sparked by the Korean government’s failure to meet its promises in legislating safe and fair rates of pay for road transport workers.

The strike has so far resulted in a loss of up to 1.6 trillion won (USD 1.23 billion) for big businesses. Instead of meeting the demands and arriving at an agreement with the striking drivers, the South Korean government led by President Yoon Suk-yeol, in collaboration with the ruling class, has launched an all-out attack by issuing hundreds of ‘return to work’ orders to striking drivers, effectively criminalizing strike actions and threatening drivers with prison terms of up to three years, heavy fines, and the loss of their licenses.

PISTON vehemently condemns the South Korean government’s flagrant denial of workers’ basic right to strike and to militantly air their grievances on the government’s failure to pass ‘Safe Rates’ safety laws. This is not just an attack on the striking truck drivers, but also an attack on the democratic rights of every worker in South Korea.

Transport workers, stand for the right to strike!
Fight for the right to livable wages and safe rates!
Stop the attacks on striking workers!