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Marcos-Duterte ‘break-up’ reveals the true agenda of the ruling elite

Marcos-Duterte break-up

The Marcos-Duterte rivalry has reached a new level with their public spat, but it’s not addressing the real crisis faced by transport workers. Since the regime took office, they have gradually revealed cracks within the “Uniteam.” Now, with Sara Duterte’s resignation from DepEd and her role as Vice Chair of the NTF-ELCAC, the intentions of both factions have become even clearer: an ongoing power struggle leading up to the 2025 mid-term elections and an attempt to cement their positions for the subsequent Presidential elections.

This reflects the true agenda of the ruling class. The worsening economic crisis that threatens the livelihoods of millions is being neglected in favor of power and wealth consolidation. The Dutertes try to pose as opposition figures, but they are no different from the Marcoses in their oppression and hardship imposed on drivers and commuters. The transportation sector will never forget how Rodrigo Duterte cursed and threatened to “crush” protesting drivers and operators during the anti-phaseout strikes in 2017 and 2018.

We cannot expect anything from these warring factions. The true opposition lies in the unity of the people to push for genuine social change, not in the corrupt, murderous, and thieving dynasties.