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PISTON announces another strike

PISTON announces another strike

Transport group PISTON, together with Manibela, has declared a new transport strike set to begin on Monday, April 15. This decision comes in response to Marcos Jr’s recent pronouncement that there will be no further extension of the franchise consolidation deadline after April 30.

“This is an oppressive move by the Marcos Jr. government,” asserted Ruben Baylon, Deputy Secretary-General of PISTON. “The series of hearings on the PUVMP in Congress is not yet complete, and our petition against it is still pending before the Supreme Court. Despite this, the regime is rushing to take away the livelihoods of small operators and drivers.”

The group is preparing for a series of strikes and protest actions not only in Metro Manila but all over the country, commencing on April 15.

“It’s evident that the Marcos administration isn’t listening to the transportation sector’s grievances. If they weren’t swayed by the consecutive strikes last year, we won’t hesitate to stage even stronger actions this April,” Baylon emphasized.

PISTON reiterates that their demand goes beyond another deadline extension; they are calling for the complete junking of the franchise consolidation requirement and the entire Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP).

“If the administration is truly committed to serving the people, rather than just putting on a show, they shouldn’t rush the modernization program or insist on franchise consolidation,” Baylon concluded.