Home News PISTON to SC: ‘Block PUVMP now to prevent grave injury in transport sector’

PISTON to SC: ‘Block PUVMP now to prevent grave injury in transport sector’

PISTON - April 29 SC Filing

PISTON continues to urge the Supreme Court to swiftly block the PUV Modernization Program (PUVMP) with a supplemental motion for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the new Department of Transportation (DOTr) Department Order (DO) No. 2023-022 which repealed the previous order, DO No. 2017-011, serving as guidelines for the PUVMP implementation.

The petition raises concerns about the questionable timing of DO 2023-022. “The surreptitious promulgation of DO 2023-022 after DO 2017-011 had been assailed in court is suspect, or odd at best,” the petition states.

The initial filing of the TRO petition occurred on December 20, 2023. However, just nine days later, the DOTr issued DO No. 2023-022, further complicating the legal landscape surrounding the PUVMP.

The petition further states, “DOTr DO 2023-022 inserted specific additional requirements on Consolidation and Management of Operations that are previously not included in the originally assailed DO 2017-011.”

For PISTON Deputy Secretary-General Ruben Baylon, “The Supreme Court must understand that promptly issuing the TRO is crucial, especially since the deadline for consolidation is tomorrow. If the franchises and registrations of the jeepneys are canceled, it would cause grave injury to thousands of drivers and operators, as well as millions of commuters.”

“Even if the Supreme Court favors our petition in the future, it will be difficult to undo the severe damage to livelihoods caused by this forced consolidation and the deceptive modernization program,” Baylon concluded.