Home News PUVMP, cha-cha threaten to erode the gains of EDSA 1 — PISTON

PUVMP, cha-cha threaten to erode the gains of EDSA 1 — PISTON


By staunchly pushing for the public utility vehicle modernization program (PUVMP) and pursuing economic charter change (cha-cha), the Marcos Jr. administration flagrantly undermines the nationalist and democratic gains achieved by the people during the historic first EDSA People Power uprising 38 years ago which also toppled his father’s two-decade-long authoritarian regime.

Marcos Jr’s economic cha-cha proposes the 100% foreign ownership and control of vital economic sectors, including public transport. This move compounds his government’s corporate-driven, import-dependent PUVMP that’s been affecting the livelihoods of jeepney and other public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers and small operators.

PISTON National President, Mody Floranda, said: “What can we expect from the son of a dictator ousted by the people during EDSA 1?”

In an effort to resist the potential corporate takeover of essential public transport, PISTON on December 2023 has filed a petition for a temporary restraining order (TRO) with the Supreme Court against the PUVMP and its mandatory franchise consolidation policy. The group has also consistently voiced its disapproval of these policies during multiple hearings in the House of Representatives.

Rather than adequately addressing these concerns, the Marcos Jr. administration appears to sweep them under the rug. Furthermore, Marcos Jr is intensifying his assault on the people’s economic and democratic rights by hastily pushing for his economic cha-cha and potential amendments to presidential term limits.

“The spirit of EDSA 1 is the spirit of the people’s fight to defend our rights, livelihood, and sovereignty. We will not allow the current administration to desecrate it,” said Floranda.